Winners & Prizes:

Cardholder Type Prize Number Of Winners
World I Phone 12 Pro Max 5
Platnuim Smart Watch (Apple or Android) 15
Titanium Samsung Tab 30
Classic carrefour Gift Voucher 40
MINT Smart Band (Apple or Android) 10

Terms and conditions

  • Campaign is based on 2 months accumulated purchase spend only.
  • The Campaign is under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
  • Prizes can’t be claimed by another person or cash liquidated.
  • Customer must be current (Non-Delinquent or closed).
  • EGBANK reserves the right to decide on whether customer is eligible for this Campaign or not.
  • EGBANK staff are excluded from the campaign.
  • Campaign is applicable for new to bank and existing customers for all card types (except for Corporate credit card)

Below is the minimum amount for 1 draw entry per card type:

Card Type Minimum Amount For 1 Draw Entry
MINT 250
Classic 250
Titanium 1.000
Platnuim 5.000
World 10.000