To offer a young and flexible experience that centers the youth at the heart of our organization.


Our philosophy and decisions are constantly inspired from four values :

Youth comes first

Sparking creativity and innovation, today’s young minds make tomorrow brighter. We believe that youth is an infinite source of inspiration that is why we make it our utmost priority to be constantly engaged, providing them with relevant tools and solutions to reach their full potential.

Passionate Team

With a strong passion to delight our customers, we are constantly growing in a manner that is relevant and engaging to move us forward, to the benefit of our customers, investors and team.

Futuristic Thinking

In a disruptive market, where direct acquisition of clients will become a conventional trend, capturing non-clients indirectly through partners becomes more relevant and crucial.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Constantly challenging the status quo, we explore new grounds and next level solutions, that is why we are the strongest advocates of the entrepreneurial spirit both internally and externally to foster and empower a culture of creative thinking that is agile, flexible and result driven.


Established in 1981 under the investment law 43/1974 and its amendments .

Along the years EGBANK grew organically with a strong level of stability and a healthy portfolio. We followed an expansion strategy of collaboration in projects with successful market leaders in different sectors. All of this reflected on adding value to the Egyptian market.

Main Founders

Salah Mahmoud

Gawad Bu Khamseen

Fahd El Shobokshy

Abdel Rahman El Sharbatly

Misr Insurance

Board of directors

Our Board members provide guidance and leadership for the institution to ensure that the right strategy and controls are in place and that the institution is delivering value to shareholders, employees and the community.

​The Board is composed of ten members, two executive and eight non-executive members with a wide diverse knowledge and background experience that gives EGBANK a balanced mix and competitive edge. The Board primarily focuses on long-term financial returns and the best interest of all stakeholders. Our Board plays a major role in setting the Bank’s strategy and key policies, along with pursuing and maintaining its long-term success. Through providing entrepreneurial leadership, sound strategies and risk management, our Board contributes to realizing the welfare of all stakeholders.

Some of the current Board members families are considered as the main founders of the bank. The main vision behind founding the bank was to establish a private Egyptian bank to serve and support the developmental projects in Egypt and the Arab countries. It was born by the main founders of the Egyptian Gulf Bank; Salah Mahmoud, Gawad BuKhamseen, Fahd ElShbokshy, Abdel Rahman ElSharbatly and Misr Insurance, within an era where the economic scene was witnessing improvement and potential growth.

Mohamed Gamaleldin Mohamed Mahmoud

Chairman - Non-Executive

Nidal ElKassem Mohamed Assar

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Bukhamseen Holding Group

Non-Executive Board Member
Represented by Raed Jawad Bu khamseen

Misr Insurance Company

Non-Executive Board Member
Waiting for new nominee

Misr Life Insurance Company

Non-Executive Board Member
Waiting for new nominee

Egyptian production of allinr and paper alflotng

Non-Executive Board Member
Waiting for new nominee

Wael Fouad Eissa Jamjoom

Independent Board Member

Amr Raouf Hassan Mohamed

Non-Executive Board Memeber

Amr Mohamed Tawfik Mostafa BakirR

Executive Borad Member

Al-Arabiya real estate

Non-Executive Board Memeber
Represented by Jassim Hassan Zainal

Ahmed Farouk Aly Weshahy

Independent Board Member

Mohamed Amin Ibrahim

Independent Board Member


  • MM Group
  • Misr Insurance Company
  • Misr for Life Insurance Company
  • Bukhamseen Group
  • Sharbatly
  • Bakhash
  • Khaldon Bakry Barakat
  • Shobokshy
  • Others

Leadership Team

Our people are our main asset. All our milestones are achieved only because of them. Our team’s dedication, expertise and diversification makes our goals easy to attain.

EGBANK’s staff have significantly increased in number by 170%. More than 1909 employees who share the same goal & have the same spirit, making our culture & environment friendly & encouraging for work.

Because we believe that education makes all the difference and makes everything possible, we are investing in our people to strengthen each member’s knowledge and core competences.

Amr Bakir First Deputy CEO Executive Board Member
Mohamed G. Mahmoud  Chairman
Yasmine Abdelrazik  Head Of Strategic Planning
Ibrahim Abaza Chief Financial Officer 
Monia Madkour Assistant CEO For Treasury & Corporate Banking
Hossam Sholkamy Deputy CEO 
Yasmine galal Head Of Consumer & Business Banking 
Ahmed Amin Chief Operating Officer - Assistant CEO For Operations 
Ahmed Hashem Assistant CEO - Chief Information Officer 
Mohmed Arafa Assistant CEO For HR
Hisham Moussa Head Of Quality Assurance 
Tharwat Abaza Head of Treasury,Financial Institutions & Direct Investment
Ehab Mostafa Chief Risk Officer 
Tamer Shaker Head Of Compliance Sector 
Amr Hefzy Head of Internal Audit and Inspection 
Mamdouh Ayoub Head Of Private Banking 
Gihan Farid Head Of Corporate Integration 
Mohamed Mohie Msc, CFA Egyptian Gulf Holding - Managing Director 
Nelly Mahmoud Chief Corporate Communication Officer & Head of Youth Beyond Banking & Financial Inclusion 
Hazem Shokry Head of SME's Banking
Karim Asfour Head of Legal